Shut up legs!


im a little tea pot
Just found out that nothing gets you home faster into a headwind than the wife ringing you at work to tell you she has to see the midwife! Climbing into a headwind and set a pr on strava along with a 16 + mph after stopping at 2 traffic lights!

Good God I felt the burn and did as jensie said just telling the legs to shut up!

All ok with mother and baby but god that hurt!!! Lol


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I can relate to that for motivation. :smile: Congrats.
Congrats to all.
I had the dilema of what to do when Mrs Markymark was due as cycling was the best way to ensure no tube delays to get back quickly. As it tuned out, Markymark Jnr started arriving nicely in the morning in a scheduled meeting!!!!


im a little tea pot
Was meant to say mother and bump lol. Still got a while to go yet! Lol

By the time bump is ready im hoping for sub 14 minutes in TT mode for my 5 mile commute!! Fastest is 18 so far.
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