Siberia & Mongolia in Winter

De Bruyn

Hi guys

Many people out there is very interested in winter cycling, so I'm always trying to help and share my stories on my winter cycling experiences. There is tons of questions on gear, bike, camping equipment, roads and the people you meet in these areas.

I'm currently busy with my second winter leg of Around 7 Continents - Its been tough going to this point, but love the challenge and the winter conditions. I've been in -31*C, strong winds and lots of snow. I'm now heading towards remote Mongolia.

I'm doing as many updates I can on my Facebook page which include photos, blog and gear reviews.

If you have any questions, write me a message on Facebook and I will answer them as soon as I have internet access. Winter cycling is really nice if you are prepared. Like I said, huge challenges, but very nice.

Cheers from Siberia
De Bruyn


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What a great trip.

This may sound a little mundane but time and again on here, questions come up about what clothes to wear in Winter to keep warm and dry, especially gloves.

Could you help with this?


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De Bruyn, I'm interested in researching some cold-weather gear for my next tour....plenty of time tho. What's your blog address or FB page.
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