Signed Armstrong World Champs jersey anyone?


hmmm cheeky attempt to try to bump up the price?

mr Mag00

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Deepest Dorset
we may well have met i used to shop in Bike tech in the 90s when i lived near bristol!
good luck with the sale!

looks like you have washed and ironed it!!


Andy84 said:
Do the mods have their own set of rules? :-)
No, which is why I locked this thread when it was posted in the Cafe and moved it here and edited it!!

Andy84 said:
I thought ebay items were not allowed, and a guide price was required?
A guide price is advised, not required.

The ebay rule is that you aren't allowed to link to ebay items and you aren't allowed to exclusively sell ebay items here.

The jersey is being offered to CC'ers as well as being put on ebay and the item number is a temporary pointer that I added because I didn't have time to post a picture of the jersey.

I'm sure though, if you asked, Mickle could oblige.

Shaun :biggrin:
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