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Hi, were we not in in the grip of a pestilence, or for that matter had the wonderful old local hardware store not been re-purposed as a restaurant in recent years, I'd take the offending items in and rummage on some shelves of tired cardboard boxes containing all the widgets and fittings you could ever need, to find the match, all the while chatting to a man with a pencil behind his ear, workshop hands and wearing brown overalls. Having found the one nut and one washer I need I'd pay with some coppers for them and take my leave. But not now..

My venerable - 1990's - Silca pista floor pump is kaput. The plastic collar which sits above and immediately behind the leather washer on the plunger shaft - 3 mins 35 into this clip - has disintegrated. Failing to see a replacement part available anywhere online and baulking at the ferocious cost of new pumps (when did everything cycle related become so expensive: the Bagman saddlebag support is only a muscular coat hanger yet costs £34, a wee Barley saddlebag fashioned from humble cotton duck, not beaten gold with mithril trim, has doubled in price in the time it's taken me to boil a kettle and now costs eighty [sic] pounds?)

Rather than re-mortgage the house for another pump I fancied I might replace the plastic collar with a flat nut and metal washer to brace the leather washer, as indeed Silca have latterly been doing themselves I discover. Can anyone who may've walked this path ahead of me, or who may simply be better at this sort of stuff, advise as to the (likely) dimensions of items 3 and 5 in this picture? I see 24.6mm. I see 'thicker' and guess 3mm or thereabouts, what 'M' number is the inner aperture and that flat hex nut going to be?

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