Silence is golden

There was a rattle coming from behind me on my Adventure HD which was driving me mad as I could not locate anything loose and being behind it was difficult to pinpoint. Eventually as a last resort I delved into the seat pocket and found some tyre levers and a multitool as well as a pack of 2032 batteries. Took them all out and wrapped everything in a rag. Problem solved as was I out this morning on my usual route in complete silence.

neil earley

My rear mudguard rattles on my adventure ,but just whistle louder

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In one of Bettina Selby’s cycling travelogues she gave up on trying to track down odd noises and decided that it was the bike singing because it was happy. From what I can recall she made some pretty impressive journeys without mishap, so I reckon she must have been right!


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I went out on the Qnt the other day without having the dog & trailer.

Silence, beautiful silence and a lot easier on the uphill bits.:becool:

Regarding the rear mudguard rattling!

I have found that it's the little mudflap that makes all the noise when the rivet gets loose.

I epoxied mine and drilled an extra hole for a second bolt (a bit belt and braces) but it has worked for the last 3 years in blissful silence.
Did it on the front ones too as they're renowned for rattling.
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