silver wedding

Me and the lovely mrs roadrash celebrate 25 years married tomorrow monday the 27th, most, if not all our friends who married around the same time are no longer together, weve had ups and downs along the way , three lovely children and one lovely grandaughter, would i change anything .............errr ....mrs roadrash says no i wouldnt, heres to the next 25 years.:cheers:

Mrs M

:smile: Congratulations, have a lovely day.


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One by one each year flew by, since you both said 'I do' 25 years of memories,
shared by the two of you. From big events and holidays, to simple daily pleasures.
Some tearful times along lifes way, some joys that cant be measured.
One by one each year now gone, but still they're yours forever each and every memory,
of a quarter Century together!
Happy Silver Anniversary.


Congratulations. Hope you make it a special day :smile:

Mrs S and I have been together for a similar length of time, but only married for 20 of them so far. We've had our ups and downs as everybody does, but have stuck at it and the good times far outweigh the bad. I wouldn't change anything.

Like you, so many of our friends are no longer with the partners they had back then.


OP, congrats, here is something that might consider for the the "quiet meal". Each of you write down the attributes, the moments and incidents, that made you tie the knot. Bring the notes along and take turns sharing over dinner. I bet you there will surprise on both sides. Good ones that is.


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we have actually been togather for 35 years since we were 15, .... just typing that makes me feel old :okay:


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Congratulations @roadrash ; and of course the long suffering Mrs RR :smile:.
You share your anniversary with my parents, who were married on April 27th 1951. Unfortunately neither of them are still with us to celebrate their 64th anniversary tomorrow :sad:.
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