Simon... going into the lbs today to have his new fork (and some powergrips) fitted and to have a full service (which will hopefully get rid of the last pieces of grit from the cow-muck incident :biggrin:). Wish him luck for his operation (and me, have a feeling the damage to my poor credit card might be substantial :wacko:)

My friend is picking up her new bike at the same time, so she's very exited! :biggrin:


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It's an expensive time of year!! What was the damage? (To wallet, not Simon)


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Would have loved to, but looking back on it now, we would have struggled to fit a ride in - plus there wasn't really any space for bikes in the car...

Anyway, just picked him up from hospital and he is looking very happy and healthy - new forks suit him! :ohmy: Now I just need to get used to those powergrips :biggrin:
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