Sirrus Rear Hanger


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I have 'acquired' a specialized sirrus frame.
Unfortunately it has no rear hanger for the rear mech.
Does anyone know what which suit this frame?
Also if anyone knows a reasonably priced place to purchase one (or has one going spare!) that would be great as well.
I'm pretty sure it's the same one as fits the Allez and older (2006) Roubaix.

At any rate, not actually tried it, but I've had a look at listings of hangers and that seems to be the case
(see Chain Reaction Cycles website)

Last time I took my bike abroad, another guy on the trip smashed his rear mech into the back wheel, and whilst the wheel could be respoked and a Shimano rear mech was easily available, finding a bike shop with a mech hanger for a Focus was a problem...
He lost two days of the trip until he ended-up with one shop taking a hanger which was roughly the right shape and filing it so that it fitted.

With that experience, I thought that next time I went abroad, I'd buy a spare one just in case - but when I looked it up, turned-out I could borrow the one from Mrs wrx's Sirrus and that would fit my 2006 Roubaix

edit - Google 'hanger sirrus allez roubaix' and it seems to be the Specialized hanger F part code 9893-4295

Specialized's website however says it's
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