Site blocked at work

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by Basil, 11 Jul 2007.

  1. Basil

    Basil New Member

    This site is blocked at work. :?:

    I never had any trouble with C+ and ACF is OK too.

    I assume the word "chat" in the url was the problem.

  2. orkneyblues

    orkneyblues Well-Known Member

    thats a good point, I work for a local authority and I bet that it will be blocked by keyword filtering too. i wont find out till I get back off hols, has anyone else found this a problem?
  3. punkypossum

    punkypossum Donut Devil

    I wish!!! At least that would mean we had internet at work (which we don't unless you are management) :?:
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