Sjcam uploading help.


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I have done a small bit of todays ride on my Sjcam but have no idea how to upload the footage.I have connected the usbs to the camera and pc and the screen shows Mass storage or pc camera,no matter which one i press i just get that same screen and nothing happens.Am i missing something here?


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I have one of these and find its better if you can, take sd card out and into a card reader then connect to pc, when i tried your way i pressed the ok button for usb and got a box open up on your pc called Autoplay with Removable disk (E) then an option to Open folder to view files using windows explorer, click on that it will show another bigger box and you will see DCIM click on that and you will see your ride files an then transfer to what ever folder, if you don't get the Autoplay click on start, click on Computer and you should see the Removable Disk (E) and repeat the DCIM bit.
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