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I have a hybrid (leaning more towards a roadie) running 28mm tyres. Reading around forums etc, road bikes are geared (in both senses) to allow you to go further and faster. Would it be an improvement in a turn of speed if I was to go from 28 to 25 tyres?

Would I be able to go further and faster for the same effort? Thinking about the Specialized All Condition Armadillos 25 (Currently Specialized Nimbus Armadillos).

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Hi Ak88. A similar question was asked the other day. The answer is ... it depends.


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Width isn't always a factor, also constuiction of the tyre. I'm not very knowledgeable on tyres other than road bike ones, but you can have big differences in performance from tyres of same width.... eg. Michelin Pro Race 2 are miles better than their own basic offerings - the more you spend, the better they are.

You could get some 25mm that are worse performing than your 28mm - all depends upon what you upgrade to.


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If you're after speed then you can do a heck of a lot better than the Spec' tyres.

Wiggle have got Mitch' Pro race2 tyres on offer at the moment. They're slightly sketchy in the wet (Probably still better than the Armadillos) but very quick.


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Thanks all.

Chris - thanks for the link to the thread.

Just thinking ahead as the Dun Run is on my schedule and any help the better, hence the question of the skinnier tyres.
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