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I've never been on one - so I can't comment, but the Bath one wasn't fully booked up yesterday .... not sure what procedure there is to stop someone who isn't registered joining in... or how to prove that I have registered.


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Everything in Manchester is fully booked, this sucks big time. Have I missed the boat or do people actually drop out?

The local ones do get booked up but register anyway because people do drop out or if there's enough demand they'll bring in extra ride leaders and increase numbers.

The SkyRide itself won't be fully booked up and you can just turn up on the day.


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Did our first SkyRide today, 15 miles in Bexley, Kent. Registered on line last night with 4 places left, by the time we had finished it was full.
32 people booked, some who had registered failed to show, but others turned up on spec and took their places.

It looks like you have to book in advance, but there is the opportunity to cancel if necessary. All the popular ones in the south appear fully booked, but there's also a waiting list you can go on.

Have booked a few more, nice friendly ride and well marshalled.


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