For talking to my mate in Oz its ideal, as I'm not paying for it. When I first moved into this flat the phone line wasn't in and I tried it as a land line. I could hear fine but my mother had difficulty hearing me but she's half deaf. It feels a little strange at first talking to a monitor.


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Yes, well, hmmmmph - Wikepedia is the font of all knowledge :biggrin:

Well, indeed. Wiki is sometimes LOL funny when some eejit decides to do a hatchet job on a historical figure or whatnot - one moment you're reading about political aspirations and then the next you're wading through a river of C and F words. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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OT but Wiki's biog. of Ronnie Hazelhurst was used by several well respected newspapers as well as the BBC for his obit. recently. He was credited by these august organs (to coin a phrase) to have been part of the songwriting for S club 7's "Reach" hit. Quite erroneously........ :biggrin:


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hmm - agreeing to the terms and conditions in the user licence - which you have to do in order to use the service - gives them the authority to use your pc and internet connection as a node in the whole scheme of things. By accepting, therefore, you give someone else access to your computer. In addition - as said previously, the service runs in additon to a firewall, but because of the agreement, you provide a back door in anyway.
your choice really, if you are happy with the free phone calls then great but if you are very security conscious then you won't want to agree with the T's & C's
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