England : Suffolk Skyride

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Ipswich suffolk
:cycle: if any of you budding cyclists fancy doing a skyride, here is the links to two videos I filmed using a headcam (drift innovations ) this year 2012.
fist one is the fun one round town which you can do as many circuits as want, which was about 5 + miles.

:bicycle: the second video is the strongest one you can do which is called ride strong plus (road bikes only) which averages a steady pace about 15 to 20 + mph for 30 miles. this gives you some good experience riding in a bunch and slip streaming etc.

Happy Cycling!


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I like that route to Felixstowe. Might copy that. I certainly won't be going the cracking pace you guys did, though! Thanks for making the vids. (Nice advert for Ipswich at the start there, with the upside-down car in the cycle lane :dry: )
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