Slight pain in upper back

Hey guys,
Just a quick question from a new rider. When out and about on a 10-15 mile ride I start to feel some aches and pains in my upper back near my neck. Would this be down to seat height or handles? It's nothing unbearable but it does kind of make me stiff for a while riding. And just to note it can't be an age thing (I hope) as I'm not too old!



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What kind of bike?

Arsen Gere

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I suspect it is just a position you are not used to. Like your doctor would tell you, if it's not gone away in a couple of weeks come back. If I go out for a longer ride than normal I get the same problem, I stretch my back out by looking down at my back wheel between my legs and turning left and right occaisionally.
I have found that if I drop the handle bars down it becomes worse because I have to use my neck and back muscle more to support the weight of my head. So you could raise the bars a bit and see if it helps.

On TT bikes it is a lot worse if you try and go for the flat back effect or I am making a mess of the setup.
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