Slow Service ......


As long as I breathe, I attack.
For a change.

Took my front wheel to the LBS last Saturday to true the front wheel, i can normally keep them ok but this one had a few spokes that worked loose every ride so i thought might need a proper job to check overall tension etc.

They have in the past done jobs for me within a few hours and as i had my back up winter bike i thought i can leave it with them ,no rush as i have transport .
Phoned them up today and they had not even looked at it:sad:


It's their busiest time of the year, so I'm not surprised.

To be honest, if you get yourself a truing stand - about £35 will get you a decent one for home use, it's a great investment.

My LBS wanted to charge me £8 to true a wheel, and I had to take the wheel to them during 9-5 when I was working and pick it up 9-5 when I was working.

I had read somewhere that if you do high mileage (120 a week in my case), you may need to true your wheel several times in a year. So I figured the stand will pay for itself in a year and I get to true it when I want, not when the shop is open and can accommodate me.
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