Small Kids and Cycle Commuting Not a Good Combination


A Human Being
Missed out bicycle commute on Wednesday/Thursday due to youngest being very poorly. Normally at about 6am I start getting ready to cycle commute but on this occasion I was going to bed to catch up on some sleep before work:tired: .
Today the youngest is back to normal self but I now I have whatever they had so no fit state to be on two wheels although I went through the motions of getting ready, bike ready cycle clothes selected but became obvious it was not a good ideaxx( .
Hopefully have a couple of leisure rides at the weekend to give my legs some exercise:bicycle: .


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Kids and bugs. Been there. Mine are that bit bigger, but you've got to be careful when they get sick bugs - certainly avoid elderly relatives until you are all clear !!
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