Small World


Watt-o posing in Athens
Last night as I was watching a double-decker bus and a truck have a contretemps on the A21 I said to a fellow cyclist as I passed him "You get some right c@nts on the road". I then had to stop for the lights. As the other cyclist came up behind me he asked me what did you say? I replied rather sheepishly "You get some right twats on the road". After a short conversation it turns out that the other cyclist was a cousin from Wales, obviously on a work assignment in London! The weird thing is that as I uttered the words “"You get some right c@nts on the road", I thought Christ, I sound like my cousin (another one who now lives in Wales), a rather well spoken grammar school and university educated chap. Spooky.


Dog on a bike
How many cousins do you have that you don't recognise them instantly???? ;)
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