Smart 2.5w and 10w lights

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    Smart bicycle lighting set. Comprises:

    Two lights, 10w and 2.5w, controlled by a 4 position switch giving: off / 2.5w / 2.5w&10w / 10w only / off.

    Handlebar mount.

    6v 4ah lead acid sealed gel battery with carrying pouch.

    240v charger.

    The lights both have diffuser lenses fitted but the lights come with an assortment of spare bulbs, clear (beam) lenses and lamp housings thrown in. On a full charge the 2.5w bulb will give around 8 hours of burn time, while both lights together will drain the battery in about half an hour and the 10w alone in about an hour. Spare batteries are available for a few pounds.

    These robust lights have been well used so they come with no guarantee but they were working fine for MTB night rides right up to last week. The battery can be suspended from the frame or carried in a back pack; I extended the cable for this reason.

    Perfect for entry-level night riding or for commuting.

    On Ebay:
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