Smart Sam Vs Nobby Nic

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Currently running 29" Smart Sam's that came with the bike, very happy with them just occasionally I find the front washes away & the back spins when the going is very soft. The back is just about ready to be replaced if I replaced it with a Nobby Nic is it going to take much more effort on the road & hard packed tracks?

The Smart Sam's are currently 29x2.25 I saw on Schwalbe's website they have now released a 29x2.60 what will the extra give/take away from me?

There was a similar thread a while ago where somebody gave advice but can't find it now, so sorry if we're going over ground again.


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I found NN's washed out very easily on the front at shallow lean angles so never felt confident with them. They roll well and other than the occasional scare were ok.
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