Smelly Feet!!!!!!!!


What is the story with this???

In a meeting earlier and a guy comes in to say hello as he had just popped in to the office to pick up some stuff as he's off this week. He had trainers on and it was obvious after a couple of mins that his feet were stinking????

My mate suffers form this and at times it's rancid. We were in Paris in 98 for the World Cup and even a BO smelling Moroccan taxi driver wouldn't take us any further till my mate stuck his feet out the window. He thought he had stood on dog shite from the smell but it was just his feet.

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Greedo said:
What is the story with this???
It's how tracker dogs evolved.


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1 - Trainers make your feet sweat then the synthetic materials absorb odour molecules making them into the perfect odour emanator.

2 - Athlete's foot makes the sweat go rancid.
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