Smileys from the old C+

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Would it be possible to have the smileys from the old C+ forum added in over here? We've got the people (well, most of them) and it would be nice if we could move the furniture over too.
I miss my 'evil' smiley.... :?:

I know the site has closed down but Sam (Ravenbait) has them cached on her forum. I'm sure if you asked her nicely she would pass them over.
Chuffy - this should work but I think img'ing has been disabled temporarily here.


Anyway they're all here...



I've popped over to the old C+ forum and added most all of the smilies to these forums.

When you post, click on the link under the Emoticons [View more Emoticons] and you should see them.

You can also use the shortcuts and type them in manually too, e.g.;
: o ) - remove the spaces
= :?:



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Well done Shaun :sad: , posts about food just aren't the same without :rolleyes: or :?:

This was always a good one too :?: .


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Oh, I rather like this one :?: . Kind of sums me up after the fifth pot of coffee of the morning...

Although it's nice to have some of the old 'uns back :sad: :?:


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alecstilleyedye said:
fantastic. i much prefer this :sad: to this :?:

I like them both. :rolleyes: is good for surprise, while :?: has an extra dimension. I can't quite explain it, but it's like it's surprise at something weird, as opposed to just surprise...

Good to have the old ones back though. There's a useful smugness about... oh, where's the big yellow grin?
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