Sneaky maintenance tips

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I was replacing an old Centaur rear cassette with a new Chorus one and got stuck removing the old one. I couldn't see that the Allen bolt was recessed so I was trying to remove the outer circle without any luck. I grabbed my phone and took a photo, hoping the better angle and the flash would reveal something useful. As you can see, it did. My 5mm hex wrench couldn't reach the bolt so I got a longer one and pulled the derailleur off.

Does any one else have any sneaky maintenance tricks they want to share?


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Does any one else have any sneaky maintenance tricks they want to share?

crimp your cable ends to stop them fraying.... :okay:


Use your phone on camera mode to get a live view of tricky areas you can't get your head into to see properly. You can use it to check various infra red remote controls around the house, too, as the phone camera "sees" colours that your eyes can't, and it shows up on screen.


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Instead of buying all those expensive decreasers,brushes and god knows what else they try to get you to spend cash on use strips of old material to clean cassettes, chains and all those difficult to reach places. They're free and easily disposable and things come up a treat.


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Use vaseline for bottom bracket and wheel bearings. It's a crap lube, but very sensual.


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Y rronts are the wonder garment. You can use them to clean the cassette, and when you put them back on they won't look any more soiled than when you started.
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