So annoyed!


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I had a whole early morning ride planned for tomorrow (out of the house by 7am for a 70 miler).
I sorted out some shifting problems I've been having, adjusted my brakes, pumped up my tyres etc and then just now whilst making some food I hear a massive hiss and my rear tyre has gone down.
No problem you'd think, I have a repair kit and a spare tube if necessary so I take the tyre off only to find that the rim tape is knackered (pushed right through the spoke holes). It's that really shoddy rubber stuff which was all I could get hold of last time I had a rim tape emergency. I've been meaning to replace it with some decent stuff for ages.
Needless to say I don't have any, and being Sunday tomorrow, the bike shop doesn't open until 11am:angry:


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You could try cutting up the old tube and using that as some emergency rim tape. Not that I would advise that too much, as the last thing you want is to be 35 miles away from home and it not to hold.


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:biggrin::wacko: Joe, I sympathise with your predicament. The best laid plans and all that!
Life has a way of slapping you down when you think you've got all the angles covered. The Arabs say: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."
Hope you have a fantastic ride next time. :biggrin::becool:
Got the same problem. Had some training planned last thing Friday afternoon and some friends paid a surprise visit at 3.30pm when they said they'd be here at 5.30. Had a hilly 70 miler planned today to make up for it and riding buddies are late, hung over and too tired to do it (so they say)...!
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