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I've been mesmerised by the track cycling. Last night Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell won setting their sixth consecutive World Record in competition. What's more they and every other track cyclist to date have set a World record in these Olympics. Today Victoria Pendleton set another World Record. Boy! British Cycling have paid back the money invested in cycling in Spades!

Well done and hopefully more to come.


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it really has been extraordinary to watch :smile: proud to be british for a change! :bravo:
The cycling teams have been phenomenal, the womens pursuit setting six world records in their last six races is unbelievable form, Victoria looks in the form of her life, and the medals keep on coming. What a difference to the overpaid, overhyped, failures that are our premiership footballers. As another season of faking injury, shirt pulling, spitting etc dawns im really being drawn more and more to cycling.
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