So the car slows down with the passenger window open...


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Here we go, I think: a tiresome rant about road tax, or how I should be on the pavement.

"Twenty five miles an hour mate!"

With that, off he speeds.

Had I the breath I would have laughed, but all I could do was grin and wave in reply. That made my evening! Thanks!


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I've had a couple of those. I've seen the window go down and thought "here we go.."

and got "18 mph!" (uphill)

and, recently, "nice to see someone riding fixed" (it's not as popular in Watford as it is in London)
Im surprised some of them know what fixed is.....actually perhaps im being mistaken for a courier with the way they drive....


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Nice interactions make your day dont they. :biggrin:

I once set off at the same time as a work colleage and the next day she came up to me and said "bl**dy hell, mate! You shot over the bridge and out ran me! You were going some."

The bridge in question is 4 miles from work. ;)


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South Manchester
Got that near the notorious 'Hattersley' in Manchester-ish......... "oi, you are doing 30"..... from some chavs.....I fully expected a load of abuse............ I was well confused...........:sad:


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Not all car drivers are morons, some also ride bikes and some are quite nice people!

I drive 24,000 miles a year commuting and I've never antagonised a cyclist or even had one off his/her bike. I have chatted with a couple in traffic jams about their bikes though.


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Yes. I've had a "nice 30 mph mate".
Certainly is a pleasant change from the abuse that I sometimes get.


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I had something similar once.

Was cycling along this straight that is pretty busy and joins a rather fast roundabout. A motorcyclist pulls up alongside me and shouted "30 miles an hour" not sure if he was telling me the speed limit or telling me how fast I was going. Didnt have my computer at the time.
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