So, this cycling malarkey.....


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Good day to one and all!
I turned 40 recently and decided to take a good long look at myself. The excess 3 stone hanging over my belt comes sponsored by John Smiths and the kebab shop and got in the way of an honest assessment, so I've decided to shift it. I started to go to spinning class and sort of enjoy it, although have realised that there must be more to cycling than staring at a brick wall. To regain my lost youth i've bought a 'town and trail' bike, primarily to replace the car on the 12 mile commute to work. The bike is quite a cheap reebok one but should suffice for the initial 're-getting used to cycling' phase. Life in flat Lincolnshire does make cycling for us oldies easier and i look forward to not having hills to go up.
Well, that's me for now. You can all expect some simple questions as i ask for advice. Not having ridden for over 15 years, i'm sure my body will be more painful than your answers!


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Welcome megsy!

Yeah, that 40 thing creeps up on you doesn't it... ;) good on you for making a big positive decision. We're biased of course, but I think we'd all say you've made the right choice - and cycling is so versatile. Yes, it's fitness, but it's also transport, and holidays, and challenging yourself, and self suffciency and sociability, all in one.

Good luck with it!

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I was going to say welcome until I realised you were an oldie at 40. That makes me positively ancient!

good luck with the cycling tho, it can be addictive!


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Megsy, welcome to Cycle Chat.

and can I say, been there and done that. Same as you, picked up a bike again at the age of 40, Couldn't even cycle to my local station and back, a trip of a mile and a half without looking as if my heart was going to break out of my chest. 4 years later and 3 stone lighter I am doing a 5 day week 34 mile round commute in all weathers and set myself a yearly mileage goal of 9000 miles of which I am well over half way.

It's going to be hard work, but boy is it worth it.
Keep us updated as to how you are getting on.

All the best


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Hello Megsy and Welcome to the CC forums. :smile:

Good luck with the cycling, I'm sure you'll enjoy it more as you body acclimatises. :thumbsup:


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So, day 1 - 19 miles in 83 minutes. Sore backside, and still sweating an hour later.
Observations for rural riding -
1. Keep your mouth shut while riding through swarms of midges.
2. Watch out for horse manure, it's slippy.
3. Don't race tractors uphill.
It took me 10 minutes to get out of town, and I didn't like that bit. As a driver in the past i've shouted at cyclists hogging the road so I was very conscious of not getting in their way. On the way back through town, it was 'sod 'em'! Why do councils make cycle paths so bumpy?
(PS - obviously, when I say 'sod 'em', i'm making i'm sure i'm safe at all times, following the advice given in Jonny's excellent commuting document)


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I turned 40 recently
....... cycling for us oldies

I am surprised no one has mentioned Cyclecraft yet, recommended reading for cyclists of all ages.

Nineteen miles is quite a distance, no wonder you had some pain. I suggest frequent shorter trips, say 20-30 minutes until you get used to the bike, your mileage will increase gradually as you become more comfortable.


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Welcome Megsy

Good on you for getting out on your bike...Wait 'til the wind starts to BITE. Lincolnshire doesn't feel so flat then.
What part of the county are you in?
I'm a year in and 3 stone lighter already. Doesn't take long once you get going.


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Snorri, thanks for the cyclecraft tip. I thought the area around Sleaford was relatively flat but it did seem to be uphill all the way.
The biggest problem i'm having at the moment is convincing Mrs M. that i need a thorough massage before and after each ride!
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