So we should all "vote BNP" apparently.


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Just had a look at the youtube election clips. Usual policy stuff one party saying "we'll do this" and another disagreeing.. what I find pretty shocking is how the Libdems vids have become invaded with some rather odd BNP supporting comments. They all seem to be rating up each others post too, as if that will make voters sway...

"..oh I see everyone agrees with Youtuber53, so maybe I'll vote BNP"

Do these people not realise how bad the general public see the BNP? I honestly think that if they got in power (and this will never happen in my life time, of that I'm sure) that there'd be civil war. It would split the country in two.

Reminds of of a story that appeared on the Daily mail website of a poor girl who'd been knifed to death in Bristol, iirc. The paper didnt publish much on the events, mearly a Police request for info, and where and when.

Within an hour the comments section had filled up with "vote BNP, they will bring back the death penalty"... as if that was going to help the Police find the killer. The tragic irony was that the girl murdered was the daughter of immigrants, and of asian descent.


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Are you saying that people looking at Lib dem policies will maybe vote BNP?

To be honest your post was a little long to read at this time of night but hey ho,

A person I know at work said that after the two first debates she was thinking she might vote lib dem (traditional conservative voter), which cemented my belief that most folk don't know what the hell they are voting for.


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Most people don't care as they know that it'll just be the same as before, albeit with a few minor changes and new branding.

One thing you can rely on is that no matter who you vote for, you will be pretty much zarked, and, well, the Lib Dems haven't been in for over 60 years, so lets how they do us over this time for a a bit of novelty factor!!

That's about how much most people care - most of us have better things to do with our time.


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Mille said:
Are you saying that people looking at Lib dem policies will maybe vote BNP?
Er no..

I'm saying theres been an invasion of people basically spamming the internet with a "vote BNP" message. I also notice that anyone who mentions the BNP failings gets the "flagged for spam" function pressed on youtube.
There is a really negative aspect to this Election Polly Toynbee's "tactical voting" article being a classic.

Unfortunately the "even if you don't vote for Party A, you must keep Party B out so vote for somebody else" type of voting really opens doors for a Party such as the BNP


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I've got my rolled up jeans, braces, white t-shirt and army boots at the ready! I'll be voting BNP on 6th May! That's one more vote for mindless violence! Get them immigrants out of Blighty! We didn't win the war for nothing! I'm going to go and beat myself over the head with a crow bar! Because I'm 'ard and I ain't got no brain, innit! Oh, and don't get me started on them fakkin' cyclists, scum of the fakkin' earth them, I runs 'em over I does! Now where's me 20-year-old Ford Escort with the rusty wheel arches and no tax, MOT or insurance ...


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Less people will read it in P+L (I assume), and a different sub-set of people reply.
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