So what bike are you commuting on + link a picture

Here are my commuting machines:

This is my favourite. Just right for my flat, fast, unobstructed, boring journey. (Don't always use the fairing though).

If I'm not alone (and when she's not working, or she's working at my office - don't ask, she has a complicated occupation - Mrs Uncle Phil likes to get her exercise by coming part of the way with me) I use my elderly but much-loved and travelled Galaxy . I don't usually carry this much stuff to work though.


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It's a fairing bonj, they are usually partly for aerodynamics and partly to protect from wind and rain in the face.

ChrisKH - that's my horse-riding helmet!
What's that thing on the front - for aerodynamic purposes, or what?
Mine is smaller than Uncle Phil's!

The one on my Street Machine is identical, and my spare one (Zzipper as seen here on my old Trice and now the winter one for the Catrike) is bigger in size!

They make a big diffference to speed, warmth and comfort in wet weather.
My Commuting machines are:

Queen Alexandra and Uni have restricted parking - Brompton with front luggage

St Marys is OK for secure parking so - Catrike / Street Machine or Hurricane depending how I feel and which route I take

Royal hospital Haslar - good parking so any of above, the Airnimal or the Pashley Delibike if shopping on the way home.


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This thing mostly; only it does have brakes now.. I was waiting for them from Wiggle when the photo was taken. I still haven't got around to fitting full guards, still using raceblades. It's also got gears now..8 of them, operated by a downtube shifter, single front chainring. I liked it as a singlespeed for commuting, but it was shoot for pulling a trailer full of potatoes.

It also features a £2:50 cycle computer from Sainsbury's. Still going strong despite the rain...

When it's nice I use a slightly upgraded Spesh Allez, very occasionally I use my Brompton.


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I commute on a modified Raleigh Firefly- slicks, guards and rack. It's served me well - total cost sub £200.

My bike


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Unfortunately on the BUS at the moment...fractured my metatarsal playing football last week, so at least another 6 weeks off the bike (specialized sirrus).


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Dahon Jack, Folding Beauty but looks like a proper bike.
Still crave the speed of roadies..but just havent got the room *sob*


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Carrera Vulcan. This is it back in April, without cranks and chainrings, during its first anniversary overhaul and service.

It must have still been dark in the mornings back then as I see that my Electron halogens were still mounted on the bars !


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I'm guessing that you've had yours a bit longer than I've had mine, Col. Am I right in saying that they bring out an 'updated' version every year or two ?

Yours looks so nice and clean that I'm ashamed of the state of mine this week. It needs a clean - been two weeks since I last scrubbed the muck off, though I do wipe down and lube the chain once or twice a week due to the amount of mud and rain around at the mo.

Maybe we should start 'The Carrera Commuters Club' :tongue:
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