So what happened next?

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My job means I have to take the train from Huddersfield to Dewsbury and back at least once a day. Yesterday morning, beautiful sunny day, and the train is passing through the sort of Colne Bridge/ Mirfield area.

I spotted what I thought was a strange sight, three herons, right in the middle of a field, all stood more or less bolt upright. Weird enough, but then I saw that about twenty five yards away from them was a large tabby cat. The cat wasn't looking at the herons though, as I thought at first it may have been stalking them, but was in fact in a back-arched and tail-fluffed mexican stand-off with a huge fox, ten yards away from the cat.

All was a completely frozen tableau as the train whizzed past, .... but I can imagine all hell breaking loose as soon as one or other of the creatures involved made a move!:tongue:


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Was there also an owl with a pea-green boat?


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It sounds like that puzzle with the farmer and the small boat, trying to ferry a goose, a cabbage and a fox over a river.

(He can only take one with him at a time, and he can't leave the fox alone with the goose, or the goose alone with the cabbage)


Now if only there was a fish which ate foxes, we could have the perfect set up for a Tom & Jerry sketch in that OP.

As for Arch's conundrum, IIRC he has to take the goose across, take the cabbage across returning with the goose, then take the fox and finally take the goose back across.
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