So, what user name do you wish you had used

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Not for me to criticise (is that right ?)...but i see some user names that make me think theyre going to regret their choice later....i know, i done it twice :smile:

Started with Wannabettabike...cos i did.
Changed to Gottabettabike...cos i did.
Changed to gbb, for everyones sake. Gotta..etc is a hell of a mouthfull.
Now i wish i had another username, something more personal to me perhaps.

Any regrets or wishes out there chaps and chappettes...and why ?


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...I regret mine 'cos I'm really a hot macho toned fit guy the girls drool over;):smile:


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I wish I was a woman, then I could be Sh4rkyBird which sounds nice.

Oh, hang on.... did I just say admit to that??

Damn, can't keep a secret, me. :smile:


On a certain other forum, it is possible to edit your user name (the name seen by others against your posts: the name you use to log in by stays the same). Several people - including myself - took advantage of this option.

It did, however, on the odd occasion, happen that the feature was misused, leading to an amount of confustication and bebotheration.

At least, my current username here (and I was lucky that it was still not 'taken' when I registered) is unlikely to give rise to 'second thoughts'. :smile:


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I thought about Theophilious P. Wilderbeast. Ilike that name. But surely thats to long?


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Fnaar sort of goes with me, to those who know me in real life, but I only chose it coz it sprang to mind when I first registered on C+. Could have been more inventive, I guess. I registered in order to ask a specific question, then didn't go back to C+ for about a year, when I discovered the joys of posting drivel on forums! :smile:


Patrick Stevens said:
...I could be really rude to ... people ...
Oh, I see: sorry, I thought that was your job, Patrick...:smile:
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