So, who's your money on now?

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still no idea.

i'd like to see one of the Euskadi boys blitz everyone on the mountains and claim yellow.

unlikely though.

i think Contador looks menacing.

a long way to go still.



I'm not brave enough to choose! IF Rasmussen can put a good chunk of time into Evans et al tomorrow then maybe he can hang on to yellow. But maybe he'll be caught indecisive between defending yellow and polka dot. I think Kloden will suffer from team rules and Vino's desire to win so is going to be on his own. I reckon Evans will have a bad day and drop from contention.

But, personally, I think anyone in the top 12 is in with a shout - maybe the next few days will make it more clear.


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Bookies have it;

Cadel Evans
Michael Rasmussen
Alexandre Vinokourov
Alberto Contador
Andreas Kloden

In that order. Klodens odds seemed to have lengthened a bit after he lost time to Evans in todays TT. I 'm hoping anyone but Evans wins myself, don't know why but can't get excited about someone whos quite good at everything without being outstanding at anything winning the tour.

Monty Dog

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I'm not sure if a Evans victory will be a good thing - he's unlikely to win a stage and even less likely to attack. I'd really like Vino to go on the attack and draw-out the competition - then at least we can get a race. Contador might try his hand too, and drag along someone like Valverde for some real mano-a-mano racing.
Could be one of several serious contenders, but I'll only name one rider.

Alberto Contador


I can't see Rasmussen holding it through the next time trial, but out of the rest gods knowsi It should be interesting to see where they all are by the end of today though.


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I'll plump for Contador too. I just don't believe Rasmussen has the strength to close it out.

So disappointed in Valverde. I know I know, rubbish form this year, only won 1 stage of tdf to date but I believed Armstrong's hype.

What about SOLER? If Contador weren't so impressive he'd be my rider of the tour. Looks god awful on a bike too - there's hope for me yet!!
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