Soap Opera Plots.

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This is a challenge to find the most outrageous soap opera plot which you have actually seen screened. I just caught this one on the German telly.

Single mother lesbian hops into bed with straightforward lesbian. Straightforward lesbian finds out that the woman who seems to be jealous of this state of affairs is the ex (but still married to) of the SML but the ex is now going out with the SML's sperm donor as she fell for him during the impregnation phase.

Top that!


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Its all the same plots isnt it, just with different people a few years later?


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I've met real people with stories I thought you couldn't make up. Although, annoyingly I can't remember any at the moment. I'll probably remember over night though...


Not a soap opera but...when I was watching telly in a Spanish hostel earlier this year I remember seeing a programme(film?) of a charismatic and hunky kung-fu priest who loves the children, man, but is pretty lethally hard - it was pretty outrageous and strained the limits of belief to breaking point!
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