Social enterprise - has anyone set one up?


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SWMBO is being made redundant in March next year from the NHS. Her intention is to develop a social enterprise in the area of undernutrition / food banks / eating deficits. She's trained, professionally & academically qualified and has 20 years of NHS experience in this area.

Has anyone ever set up a social enterprise?

We're getting advice and also using contacts / links / etc. but it would help to get some first-hand experience as her contacts are in the NHS / universities at the moment.


Rural Kent
No direct experience here, but you might find useful contacts at the county Community Foundation. Here in Kent there is a "Big Society Fund" from the government which is aimed at investing in social enterprises. They would also know people who are running social enterprises so you might find social entrepreneurs to talk to via the Foundation.

Here's the list - not sure which one your OH would come under
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