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As the move is almost upon us and as their status is not yet listed in the "site changes due to software switch-over" announcement.....

Are they out completely or are we going to attempt one of the replacements methods that was discussed?

Keep up the top work Shaun,



The developer who is supposed to be building a Social Groups plugin has not managed to complete it yet. It's been in development for months, and he makes an occasional comment to say he's working on it, but so far nothing useable. (He's also the developer touting a Topic Hover Preview plugin too that I'd like, so that's delayed for the moment as well. Pity.)

This means that to begin with the social groups will have to be disbanded as there isn't really an operational alternative available for the new software.

I will be retaining the current site for reference, so as/when the plugin is released I will be able to contact those who had social groups with a view to setting them up again.

Apologies to those who use the social groups feature - I was hoping it would be available by now, but as I'm at the mercy of the developer there is little I can do to move this forward at the moment.

I'll keep an eye on the development though and let you know as soon as we get something useable.

Shaun :biggrin:
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