Sod's law and my first 30 miler :)

Mike A

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Well, I've finally managed my first 30 miler. So I come here to brag about it - and what happens... The guy posting immediately before me has just done his first 50. How about that for sod's law ;)

Congratulations CarlFergy :ohmy:


Steve H

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Don't fret Mike - your still a couple ahead of my current furthest (28miles). We'll be at 50 in no time I'm sure.

Well done!


Formerly the anorak
well i was doing well last year, but this year im concentrating on my commuting which is only 11.5 miles. getting very good at 11.5 miles but naff at anything further. it's funny how your body adjusts to the mileage you do :smile:


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Sunny Wakefield
My first 35 and my first 50 milers were only about 3 weeks apart. Another 50 this weekend, then 60 next, lining up for the Great Yorkshire in early June.
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