Soft tyres and the stupid newbie mistake...

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I had noticed that recently my commute seemed to be a harder slog than I remembered it, but I just put it down to having a bad patch. However, I'd also been neglecting to check the pressure on my tyres much and I'd probably not put any new air in them for a good six weeks or so. I was a bit shocked when I put the pump on them over the weekend to see how much the pressure had reduced so I pumped them up nice and hard.

Today I just flew to work and back. It was so easy; the bike just seemed to race underneath me.

I think for some reason since I'd got my new puncture resistant tyres I'd somehow subconsiously figured that they wouldn't need inflating so much, but I did know that they needed a bit more air - I just hadn't realised how much.

I also hadn't realised how much of a tangible difference keeping the tyres hard would make. Kind of makes me wonder how much difference moving from my 35x700c tyres down to 25x700c's would make.


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And there's me who was feeling very guilty for not having put any air in for a week!!! Thanks for making me feel much better all of a sudden.

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I agree with BentMickey, checking tyres and in fact the whole bike, is best done once a week if you're using it daily for commuting. However prettyboytim, it's a lesson well learned so you won't forget in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So the story was just alot of hot air then! Joking aside thats why its important to check your bike over at the end of the week.

Even check your chain, if you don't, you'll have to replace every other mech. Which can be very costly as i found out last year.


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I may not be a newbie, but I am *useless* at more than very basic stuff to do with maintaining the bike. ;)

This is because I have my own personal bike mechanic who is hugely good at it (looking after the bikes too...). Mr Wafflycat looks after his own steeds, my steeds & the steeds of our offspring. He is incredibly good at dealing with any bike problem I encounter and I rarely encounter any due to his bike maintenance. He fettles away in the garage and as long as I keep him supplied with hot tea or coffee, he's happy in there.

At last year's Dun Run, when I had to ditch halfway due to being rendered blind due to the torrential rain not clearing from my specs, combined with bike problems - the rain washed all the lube from the drive train, so the chain would stick then fall off, and stick/jump the rear cogs.. The man drove from Norfolk out to the middle of nowhere in Essex, in the middle of the night, to rescue me & my cycling buddy Sarah, with hot tea, food, more hot tea, a change of clothes, blankets... put the bikes on the bike carrier on the back of the car and drove us home back to Norfolk whilst my cycling buddy & I crashed out & snored all the way home. Well, I snored all the way home.:biggrin:


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What a man !

Now - can anyone find me a woman like that ? ;)


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goo_mason said:
What a man !

Now - can anyone find me a woman like that ? ;)

Mr Wafflycat has been known to don a blonde wig and wear a dress...



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You could have warned us that you were going to post something that was not work safe !!


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apart from a check at weekends with the pressure gauge, I tend to give the tyres a pinch with my fingers, the night before, whilst prepping for the next day and the same before I go out the door.
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