SOLD: Decathlon b'Twin Triban 3 Junior road bike


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
On eBay: my son's second b'Twin Triban 3 Junior

It's set up with cyclocross tyres and has a replacement fork. Otherwise it's as standard although a bottle cage has been fitted and comes with one road tyre.

Low start price of £49 and low 'buy now' of £100. Our garage is clogged with bikes (some that I may have been buying :whistle: ) and the space is taken up by his new cross bike.



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Thats lovely. I wish I could shrink.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
@cyberknight - the height is for 125cm and upwards. It fitted mine (just) at 7.

However, for smaller riders there's now some really good 20" wheel road bikes from the likes of Frog and Moda.
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