[SOLD] Fitbit Ionic. Brand New & Sealed

I've been fortunate enough to win myself a Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch.

Unfortunately it's no use to me as I use a Garmin Forerunner so it's straight up for sale.

Full techs and specs can be viewed HERE but basically this is the flagship watch of the Fitbit range.

Includes both small and large wristbands, so basically will fit virtually anyone of any age.

If you're in the market for a watch like this then you'll know what's what already, but if not you can see DC Rainmakers very in depth review HERE

The box is factory sealed and I will supply the paperwork it came with as well.

They retail at Argos today for £229.99.

I'm asking £180 including insured postage.

FYI it is advertised elsewhere as well, but for more money :cheers:


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