[SOLD] *FS* Crud Roadracer MK2's. *NEW*

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Fitted and ridden 5 miles, but in perfect condition.

If you need to anything about these great guards, click HERE

I fitted these to my fixed gear bike, but I've now decided the bike is only being used on the track.

Fully packaged in original box.

£20 including P&P


A Cyclist

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Hi, will you accept £18?


Smile a mile bike provider
Cheers biggs.

Right now A Cyclist has paid, but has since asked if these will take 28mm tyres. I've pointed him in the direction of the Crud site as I honestly don't know.

If they don't I can see a refund on the horizon, in which case you've got first dibs :thumbsup:
ok just pm your paypal details when you now whats happening
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