SOLD Islabikes Beinn 20 Small **Limited Edition** Mudguards + Luggage Rack + TrailGator


(Selling on Ebay)
Starting price £125 and running for 10 days

Islabikes Beinn 20 Small *** LIMITED EDITION COLOUR - Periwinkle ***

I am selling the following:-

Beinn 20 Small Limited Edition Periwinkle - 2014

Front and Rear Mudguards

Rear Luggage Rack

Bottle Cage

2 x Seatposts The standard 250mm and also a 400mm which is currently fitted

2 x 20" Presta lightweight Innertubes

Trail-Gator tag a long which will fir your child's bike to your adult bike as required

(also with Islabikes Beinn Safety Manual)

The total cost of all the above brand new will be approx. £490

I myself am a keen cyclist and maintain all my own bikes along with my daughters bike. I have looked after my daughters bike which has been kept indoors and got a good clean, oil etc. at least once a week along with my bikes.

The reason I am selling this bike is that she has now outgrown it. This is also the reason why it has two seat posts for sale. The standard seat post that comes with the bike is 250mm in length and to tide her over untill this christmas when we buy her the next size up islabike I fitted a 400mm seat post. So you can have both so when your child is almost ready to go to the next level it will make the bike last that little bit longer.
I can leave the 400mm one in or I can change it over to the shorter one for you. But I will still include both of them in the sale.

The bike also comes with the islabikes front and rear mudguards which are ideal when you want to use the bike in wet weather and all year round.

The luggage rack is designed for the bike and was fitted by islabikes.

I'll also include 2 x Presta Lightweight Inner Tubes just incase you need a spare.

When my daughter started riding this bike she would sometimes get a little tired on a long ride so I decided to fit a Trail-Gator. This is a tag a long bar attachment that fits to the seatpost of the adult bike and stays on your bike. When your child gets tired you just attach the trail-gator to the front of their bike. When they are feeling energetic again then you just detach it.
It gives your child the independence of riding their own bike but gives you the security of being able to look after a tired child when out cycling.
When you attach it to your child's bike it securely lifts and fixes their front wheel off the ground so they cannot steer.
I have included a picture that shows it attached to my bike.

The bike is in good condition as you can see from the pictures, obviously with use there are a few marks on the bike. On the head tube there are a few marks and I have included a picture that shows these. This was were the Trail-Gator attachment fitted to my daughters bike.

Also on the end nob bit on the handlebar grip has come off. This has not affected my daughter riding the bike and is only the end of the grip. I have included a picture showing this.
I am sure that Islabikes might be able to help if you really felt the need to get a replacement handlebar grip. However I did not feel the need to do so and my daughter was fine riding the bike.

The saddle shows no signs of wear.

In all this is a well maintained bike with all the extras that you will need to get your child and yourself enjoying cycling.

I have given the bike a good clean and also a polish (yes I have actually polished the frame), and I've also oiled it so it will be in good condition when you collect it.

If you have any questions then please do ask.



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