Sold:Mamod Traction Engine


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Bit untidy but good runner.

It is missing the top canopy, back coal holder and meths burner.

I have been using bio-ethanol gel and just use a tin foil tray for the gel.


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Yes please. Pm me bank or PayPal details


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I used to have one of those too. Great fun.
Mind you we nearly burned down my mates house playing with them in his cellar (we were teenagers). We, stupidly overfilled the burner with meths which spilled over. When we lit it we had a nice big puddle of burning meths on the floor. My mate threw some liquid that was in a container on his work bench, god knows what was in the container but it turned the little puddle of burning meths into flames that nearly reached the wooden ceiling (actually the floorboards of the living room).
We did put it out, but I can't remember how.
Ah, happy days. ^_^
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