[SOLD] OT: 2001 VW Passat Estate 1.9 tdi PD130S - possibly bargainous bike swallowing motor

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We are chopping in our ever faithful Passat for a shiny new grandad car*.
They've offered us £600 P/X so if you want to match that in the next week or so then it's all yours.
Rough details (email for more):
2001 'Y' VW Passat Estate 1.9tdi 130
'midnight blue'
6 Speed manual gearbox
200500 miles (yes, two hundred thousand and 95% motorway)
'sports' spec
Tax/MOT until end of October
Swan neck towbar with single electrics
That's the good news.
We won't lie to you, this car although a very good runner is getting a little creaky in it's old age. It's been regularly serviced to schedule. It's recently had a new front sub frame and engine tray after accident damage (drain cover/car interface), a new turbo pipe, a new MAF sensor, a new stat, full coolant drain and flush, oil and filter change and a new drivers side window lifter. Cam belt has always been changed to schedule, we think the last one was at 180000.
The list of what needs attention is a little longer, they are mostly good amateur mechanic jobs if you are into that kind of thing.
Front anti roll links worn and as a result will need new front tyres.
O/S front lower arm worn (play in others).
Slight Radiator leak (it's been like that for ages, top up once every few months does the trick).
Clutch Pedal high (it's on it's original clutch and although high it has yet to slip once even under a stress test).
We think it also needs new rear suspension bushes.
It only has one key.
The electronic central locking doesn't work with the key fob.
The 6 disc CD player is intermittent or possibly dead.
there is slight cosmetic damage to the interior befitting a car of it's age. There is however not one single rattle or squeak from the interior fittings.
Some small scrathes and dinks in the paintwork but nothing major.
Oh and the A/C doesn't work.
We still have the original plastic boot tray and retractable luggage cover.
So....perhaps a 'project' for someone who likes these beasts, I'm certainly sad to see it go but we don't have the time or inclination (or skill) to keep it running economically, we'll chuck in the Haynes manual!
More than likely this is too much money (dealership offering over the odds to sweeten the deal) but maybe it's worth that much to someone.
As we have a P/X price we're afraid we can't take any offers under £600 and you'll need to collect from within a few miles of Rugby.
email mrmichaelwright@hotmail.com
*grey skoda
This is now sold
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