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Post and seat are Not included Unless you want to haggle?

Bike is a 17' Medium
Not sure what to do ? Ebay is a pain and although ill get more for it in parts its a great sorted bike so i'd rather sell as is..
mavic 717 rims, slx and xt gears, 596 brakes,new mk tyres 2.2.
100/150 20 mm axle Sektor single air fork set at 120, this frame can go 140...
T40 700mm flat bars

it will have the 3x10 parts too so you dont need to be stuck with 1x10

frame is very good ,no dings or cracks and the 2012 model, ive done a lot of xc on it and odd trail ctr stuff.

cost around 1200 to buy build etc

pm me an offer or post one, it would need to be colected or you send a courier etc.
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