Some advice please on Halfords Hybrid C2W scheme bikes

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My company are tied in with Halfords cycle to work scheme whats the best value for money bike for commuting 22 miles per day, some light off road on odd weekends? I am tempted by the Carrera Crossfire 3, but the Boardman Performance Hybrids look good the itemised specs mean nothing to me other than how many gears and disc brakes after that am baffled. Are they worth the extra money?||19-20||sor||Price||0||rpp||30&mode=list


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Just becuase you are tied to Halfords' C2W scheme, does not mean you have to buy your bike from Halfords. Lots of other companies accept Halfords vouchers too. Also, Halfords can buy in other bikes from elsewhere if you see something you like. If you're riding 22 miles a day, I would recommend buying a road bike (or a skinny tyred hybrid at the very least). This obviously depends on whether your journey consist of all roads or canal paths etc. Speak to your local Halfords and they should take you through the options.

I have a 2010 Boardman Team Carbon and it is an awesome machine IMHO!

Another Boardman to look at is the Boardman Team CX

Have a good look around before you take the plunge :thumbsup:
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