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Bicycle: a means of transport between cake-stops
Let's see first time poster, joined the forum and posts a link trying to sell something ...

Just fire up the old spamometer:



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The CTC are also requesting that we buy this song in their e-mail newsletter.

"Help the Bike Song storm the charts

Back in 2009, Newsnet featured 'The Bike Song' by a Nottingham-based band called The Grave Architects. There's now a national 'Storm the Charts' campaign to make the song the official UK Number 1! The song encourages listeners to "put [their] helmets on", so we got in touch with the band to make sure they weren't a cleverly disguised pro-helmet compulsion campaign. They said: "The Grave Architects respect the rights of the individual to decide if they wish to wear a helmet or not. The Grave Architects also reserve the right to look SEXY IN THEIR HELMETS at all times." We can't argue with that, and having a song about bikes in the Top 40 will help make cycling more mainstream, so if you like the video, please buy the MP3 version - you'll get a free download of their album too."

But I think that it's a bit dreary. Sorry, CTC and sorry Grave Architects.
Shame it's a bit crap.
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