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Every time I list an item on EBay, I show the P&P costs, and I also put in BIG RED LETTERS that it's paypal + cost of postage to the UK mainland, or I will accept cash on collection.

And every timeI list something, I always get at least one person asking me how much it is to post to the UK mainland and do I accept paypal.

Every damn time!!!




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How much is the postage then?


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We've done 207 transactions and never had this question. It must be something to do with you.


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That's strange.

I HAVE to offer paypal as a payment option, so I've never been asked that!
OTOH, I often find that when I'm interested in an item that says PayPal (and mentions no other form of payment), if I ask the seller whether they'll accept payment by cheque, they reply that they will. Me being a luddite, I don't use PayPal, so this suits me. Only once has a seller said they wouldn't accept a personal cheque - which effectively lost them the sale, but that's by the by.

IMHO, it would be better all round if sellers listed at the outset all the means of payment they are prepared to accept.
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