Someone mention Marin Bear Valley ??

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An early commuter of mine , lovely bike. Dont really know why I sold it.


Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
I have a slightly newer one with the profiled tubes. It was my first mountain bike and after I had upgraded the fork, was a really good hardtail.

Unfortunately you can't fit a disk brake to the rear so it was replaced as my mtb and converted to the town bike with guards, rack and rigid fork.


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Mine is a '98 model. Started as a hard tail mtb then donated most components (except wheels) to an Attack Trail full sus frame. It was too nice a frame (triple-butted Cro-Mo Tange) to get rid off so I rebuilt it as a winter commuter as shown here (sus forks swapped for rigid):


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Mines a '94 model without the sus forks. Matt grey.

Although I did get the engineers here to do some serious fettling to get a cheapo pair of RST's on it.
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I had a '96 Pine Mountain... and then a '99 Pine Mountain - steel Marins really were gorgeous bikes to ride in my opinion.

But not quite as good as my '95/6 Orange C16R - I can't help but smile every time I ride it!


terry huckle

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Here`s mine outside its hangar


Replaced the bar ends, fitted semi slicks, and a cheap suspension post....oh and those Shimano pedals, platform on one side spd on the other.
Still got mine - '97 model no suspension, now back into off road mode after spending a good few years with slicks. Lovely bike, does me for my standard of Mountainbiking.
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