Something amazing happened on todays 25 mile loop


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Nice day for it too! :blush:

rich p

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That is rubbish, everyone knows that the wind is always against you even on a circular route:biggrin:

BTW, that avatar of yours BTFB is very irritating:evil:

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BTFB - it's the space-time rift that is affecting the T thread. It's spread to your neck of the woods now.

I'm waiting for the "downhill all the way out and back" effect to kick in - shouldn't be long now (except that the clocks will be all a wonky).


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Numb nuts seem to hAVE gone away...well the numbness bit anyway. I have spent so long playing with it (the bike) and testing different positions (saddle stem etc) ...i think I have it set as good as I ever can at the moment. My bibs have a pad in them which I would prefer was not there...for some reason my arse fits the saddle best without a pad.
Bigtallfatbloke said:
Numb nuts seem to hAVE gone away...<much cutting> ...

Glad it's only the numbness.

Bigtallfatbloke said:
... <much cutting> ... for some reason my arse fits the saddle best without a pad.

Don't beieve it! The human arse is the perfect shape for sitting on the fence, NOT on a Brooks.
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