Something I won't to moan about regarding traffic lights

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New Member know those temporary lights builder types put up when digging holes in perfectly good roads...why can't they get the timing right on those bloody things?? They are only set for cars...and take no account of bikes. Today I went through a set on a uphill the time I was half way through I was being confronted with cars coming at me head on ...bloody dangerous.


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Yep,its a nightmare,it happens in my work too:biggrin:


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Ogri's back, Yayyy!

I thought cyclists ignored them and headed into the oncoming traffic anyways?

Or at least jump on to the pavement and weave in and out of the zimmer frame merchants.......


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Birmingham, UK
There is one set of lights near me that used to be activated by some sort of sensor which seemed unable to detect bicycles. So I'd have to sit at these lights until eventually a car came up behind me and only then would they change. They may still be that way, but I don't cycle that route any more.
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